Chiao Chang Hung

Grandmaster Chiao Chang Hung was secretive yet highly acclaimed “Master of Masters” and on any accurate account is one of the giants of the 20th century Chinese Martial Arts.

Based out of Taiwan post to the cultural revolution in China, Grandmaster Chiao worked tirelessly to preserve and propagate Tai Chi and other well known Chinese Internal Martial Arts, and Chinese Kung Fu as a whole.

Grandmaster Chiao was the first in history to give the public a preview in to the most secretive practices found in Taoism, related to the the idea of “Golden Elixir”. In fact, Grandmaster Chiao took the teachings that he had received as the sole disciple in a lineage of Taoist sages, and seeing the need for their preservation, structured these profound practices in a way that they could be accessed by anyone with a sincere wish to develop their well-being, virtue and spirit.

Brief History

Learning martial arts from the early age, Grandmaster Chiao dedicated his life to studying, practicing and teaching the ancient Chinese arts.

After leaving China that had sunken in to turmoil and where Martial Arts Masters were now being persecuted,  as part of Chiang Kai Shek’s government Grandmaster Chiao led Taiwan’s spy Agency, similar to the CIA. 

Much of Grandmaster Chiao’s life is shrouded in mystery, but some Taiwanese from the era still remember him through his appearances in TV and newspaper media.

Together with the likes of Chen Pan Ling and Chang Dong Shen, Grandmaster Chiao represents the highest level of achievement and contribution in Chinese Gong Fu by anyone during the 20th century.

Tai Chi

A founding father of the Taipei Tai Chi Association, Grandmaster Chiao played a vital role together with Chen Pan Ling in first formalizing the practice of Tai Chi in a way that would make it more relevant in the modern world with a global focus, and then by empowering their juniors such such as Cheng Man Ching to spread this profound tradition all over the world.

In a way so significant that is hard to understand in today’s connected world where ideas move without friction, Grandmaster Chiao and his work helped secure Tai Chi the global role it has today, and will have long in to the future, benefiting tens of millions of people in ways ranging from basic well-being to being cured from terminal illness such as late stage cancer.

Xi Sui Gong

In his seminal book The Essence of Chinese Xi Sui Gong Grandmaster Chiao revealed for the first time to the public a highly secretive Taoist practice previously only passed on to a single disciple in one lineage. A lineage Grandmaster Chiao was the sole 33rd generation disciple of.

As a testament to his genius not just as a Martial Arts Master, but also a scientist, in the book subtitled The Study of Hormone Self-Generation for Longevity, Grandmaster Chiao made the claim that health bone marrow production was also associated with brain cell renewal, a fact denied for decades by western scientist. Australian team of scientists proved this to be a fact a few years after Grandmaster Chiao’s passing [1].

The highly refined practice system outlined in the book can still be learned in accord with the tradition through Grandmaster Chiao’s Chief Disciple Master Kao, who is teaching students with a sincere wish to learn in Malaysia, Singapore and US. Young Master Kao can be seen on the above photo third from the left.

Grandmaster Chiao made the effort to warn those eager to learn Taoist longevity secrets, that they would be careful and not learn from what he referred to as “street-side vendors”.



Learn More

After years of work, the translation of Grandmaster Chiao’s Book The Essence of Chinese Xi Sui Gong – The Study of Hormone Self-Generation for Longevity is nearly done and an English translation together with a reprint of the original Chinese volume will soon be available in both book and digital formats. Updates will be posted on this site, and the book will be available for worldwide purchase through Amazon.

None of this would have been possible without Master Kao’s, tireless commitment, patience and effort, with his purpose of preserving Grandmaster Chiao’s legacy and wisdom for the benefit of countless practitioners, now and long in to the future.